COVID sucks, it sucks more for our restaurant clients! At BaroBite we’re committed to help bring restaurants and the dine in experience back stronger than ever with our tech! Get in touch with us here so we can get your restaurant, bar, or lounge ready for the great beyond. Did we mention, all for free? With a special thanks to the Ontario government we’re offering our Ai powered tech to anyone that asks.


Ai Your WiFi

Automate your marketing,
and increase sales for your

Restaurants Bars Lounges Tutoring Centres Clinics Pop-up Shops Barbers Salons

How Does It Work?

Ai WiFi

We install our Ai powered access points in your business that learns your current customer’s behaviour and sends them relevant specials and deals to build loyalty.

Beautiful Splash Screens

Our designers are the best in the world… We take time to curate the best and most functional design for your WiFi splash screen. Upload your logo and change specials any time.

Au Marketing

We then automate your marketing based on pre-set information and live customer data. You can easily keep in touch with your customers via email and social media.


Your business needs to be able to reply to all inquuiries immediately. Our Facebook chatbots make this a breeze to set-up and engage your customers instantly.

Easy Analytics

Our metrics are easy to understand. BaroBite makes it easy to understand your customer’s behaviour and recommend methods to capitalize on the data.

Social Media Management

We publish beautifully curated media for select clients. Our system allows scheduling posts & stories for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and our new favourite Google My Business.

The BaroBite Ai WiFi platform helps retailers automatically create connections that build customer loyalty, revenue and reputation.

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